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Throughout cultures, the egg is considered as a symbol of creation. According to numerous religions and myths, the breaking of the egg shells represents the emergence of new life.

Data Slicer – Expectant is a data representation tool that deals with the delicate topic of artificial insemination. In our contemporary society, the number of couples with unfulfilled wishes for children grows steadily. To get pregnant, many couples are under enormous pressure, stress which often leads to significant psychological problems. In most of the cases, artificial insemination is the solution taken to impregnate a woman.

The Data Slicer – Expectant is the continuation of a series of projects that combine statistics and utensils used to process food. The previous works embedded the statistics about female fertility into an apple slicer and the sexual behavior of men into a banana slicer. In this variation, the set of data is transmitted through an egg slicer, which has been modified to make physical an otherwise abstract diagram.