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Krenn Mihyalova AcidableKrenn Mihaylova Acidable


The “Acidable” is an interactive turntable and orange squeezer at the same time. Based on the familiar movement of manually squeezing a citrus fruit, the interaction with the “Acidable”
is brought to a new level of playful experience. Depending on the PH value of the freshly pressed citrus juice the machine creates a rhythm, as a result of turning the oranges the sound will be modified.

This work is an interactive experiment which tries do bring back food production into our daily life. The visitor is asked to try out the new playful device and enjoy the freshly pressed orange juice.

The Acidable uses a PH-sensor potentiometers, rotary encoders and an Arduino board to communicate with Max/MSP. Squeezing an orange on the squeezing machine the PH-sensor will measures the acidity of the fruit and starts to play a music sample.

Watch a short documentation
Testing the table
Watch a longer documentation


Production: Vesela Mihaylova and Veronika Krenn, 2012
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