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Evolving Calculators

Evolving calculators is a speculation about future scenarios where machines have an individual identity and communicate with each other about money.
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Human life involves making both easy and difficult decisions, including ones that affect the life of an individual or an entire community. Labyrinths can serve as a metaphor for human existence. Their intertwined path leads to the center, which represents individual successes and goals, after making a number of sharp turns. Like a person in a labyrinth, electricity also tries to find a way to get through a circuit, whereby it always selects the shortest path.
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The Acidable is an interactive turntable and orange squeezer at the same time. Based on the familiar movement of manually squeezing a citrus fruit, the interaction with the Acidable is brought to a new level of playful experience. Depending on the PH value of the freshly pressed citrus juice the machine creates a rhythm, as a result of turning the oranges the sound will be modified.
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Don’t hide me

The trend of making new technologies and devices smaller and thinner led almost the included electronics disappear. Not even that no one knows which electronic is in there, also not so many users are aware how beautiful electronic is. The project Don’t hide me! shows the beauty of working circuits. The aesthetically casino live arranged electronic parts are simple oscillators which are going to be part of a big interactive circuit frame.
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Made with Love

Knitting used to imply a romantic image. With the act of knitting we followed our natural instincts, making warm and comfortable things for those we love. Industrialization, knitting machines, increasing wool price and feminist attitudes worked together to push knitting into an unrespectable hobby. Can we bring back the romantic image into machine knitting?
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Eating and culinary practice is common to all humankind and it is based on modification of the environment to make it more edible and easier to eat. Trade development enabled cuisine to utelise ingredients other than those strictly local for centuries, but the food supply is increasingly less local. The manual production of the food we consume was long ago replaced by the industrialization. In the age of information overload we know less and less how the food which nourishes us is produced and where it comes from. Recipes, techniques and knowledge are being forgotten, because they don’t match with accelerated way of life. We rather choose fast food solutions than traditional preparation of our food, which is apart of improving the flavor qualities, also transmiting an emotional charge.
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