Data Slicer – Expectant is a data representation tool that deals with the delicate topic of artificial insemination. In our contemporary society, the number of couples with unfulfilled wishes for children grows steadily. To get pregnant, many couples are under enormous pressure, stress which often leads to significant psychological problems. In most of the cases, artificial insemination is the solution taken to impregnate a woman.
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Kinsey Report

Since early times the banana is considered as a symbol of the male sexual organ and male sexuality. Based on the Kinsey Report – a landmark research project from 1948 by Alfred Kinsey, pioneer researcher about human's sexual behavior – extramarital sexual activity from males, duration of foreplay in marriages and sources of the first ejaculation are visualized. Data Slicer – Kinsey Report are portioning tools that cut bananas in pieces accordingly to the sexual behavior of men.
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Apples are not only the most popular fruit in Central Europe, they are also brimming with symbolic meanings and mythic associations. In many cultures, this fruit stands for life, knowledge, love and fertility. The Data Slicer – Fruitfulness project visualizes statistical datasets regarding the human reproduction – with a focus on female fertility data – implemented into our daily life eating preparation process.
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